Neighbor spread poisonous grass seed

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  1. millerbeachindiana

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    Jul 31, 2009
    Gary, Indiana
    My neighbor spread seed which is poisonous for my birds
    They ate quite a bit before chasing them off. Then he decided to tell me.
    What do we do? I'm afraid to give them water. This seed has a coating.
    How do i prevent damage to my birds? We're trying to get them better contained.
    Currently we have a low voltage fence for a run.
    They fly right over it. It proves effective for preventing ground animals from getting in, but not contain the birds. Currently, I have most of them in the coop. Some are loose.
    Can I give them Water?
    Should I clip their wings?
    Build a new fence ?
    Please help.

  2. chickenzoo

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    It's good of your neighbor to have told you so you know what they injested. I would call the company and ask what hey suggest. You can also do a molasses or Epsom salt flush... Last resort would be to try and empty the crop....

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