Neighbor who won't quit complaining

I did this for more of an experiment than anything. I wanted to see how the features worked and was happy that I could close my listing! Now is the close feature available to everyone or just the staff?
I don't get that either Ann. I thought that maybe you can only view that option if you've won an auction, but I won the BYC for sale auction and still can't figure it out.
I think you can only leave feedback if you won. I haven't won anything yet, so didn't get to see it. And just when I was going to bid 500 for Terrie's duck, Rob said we can't.
Someone start an auction, so we can close it and see the feedback part.
I won the BYC auction Jody, and still can't figure out how to leave feedback for that.
I left feedback for Wynette, so I know it at least partially works. I did "close a listing" on one of mine... maybe the BYC one, so maybe that's why there is not feedback option? Maybe closing doesn't "end early" but "closes" the auction?
It's in the upper right-hand corner of the acution, Stacey - you can click on "comments" to see them or, or leave feedback there.
I don't think so Rob, because I won the BYC one. I still don't see the feedback option though. It's truly not there.

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