Neighborhood kids - yay!

La Banan

11 Years
May 28, 2008
I was just having fun reading the forum when I heard a strange noise - my guys and gals free range our little property when I'm at home so I'm pretty alert to noises. I went outside the front door and heard some kids on the street above laughing and looking down at my gang! It was three boys around 11 or 12.
"Why have you got chickens?" one asked.
"Do you eat eggs?" I answered.

I got them to come down into my yard, check out the coop and I gave them a handful of scratch. They fed the birds and talked to me. One said, "pretty cool - if you want eggs you don't even have to go to the store." and "this is the first time I've met grown-up chickens".

They left and promised to come back and check it out when my gals start laying.

I began raising poultry so my son and I could spend time together. Although I grew up raising cattle, horses and hogs, I knew nothing at all about chickens. My son and I always enjoyed hunting and fishing as well as me coaching his youth baseball and football teams, but I wanted more quality "experiencing the wonder of the world" time. Since leaving active duty we have had a blast with the chickens, ducks and the new quail. When his friends come out to our little farm, they like all twelve year olds play the PlayStation and WII, but they always go visit the animals. I have just started noticing two of his friends in particular who always tell me something they looked up on the Internet about chickens or ducks.
It's great to see them take interest in these type of activities.


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