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11 Years
May 31, 2008
Hi--- We struggle with a neighbor's orange tabby cat who continues to pester our chickens. We thought the issue had resolved itself because our chickens are nearly full-grown only to catch the cat carrying our leghorn hen across the yard by the neck this morning!

Does anyone have any good ideas to get rid of cats! We have a pug dog that isn't very menacing (!).
Do you know them, have you said anything to them? It also depends on what your local ordinance says about guns. We have in the past shot them with rat shot, doesn't kill them, and they don't come back. I don't believe in the SSS (shoot, shovel, shut up) method.
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A good enclosed run will keep the cat out and the chickens in. But do make the neighbors aware of the problem. It's difficult, but not inpossible, to contain a cat. An electric fence works, too.
Get a Jersey Giant rooster. See how he likes THAT!
yup I would get the biggest roo I could find. Get a breed with a bada$$ rep

English Game Cock
In my county you cannot harm dogs and cats for being on your property, of course unless you live in a town where there are leash laws. You can however dispatch of any cat, dog or predator (unless it is under federal protection) that is harassing, or killing livestock. You could call the sheriffs dept. ask what your options are, then also let your neighbors know what your rights are and that if the cat comes back on to your property you will have no choice but to take action to protect your livestock.
It sounds like the neighbors need to keep their cat indoors. It's a privilege, not a right, to have an outdoor cat. That privilege ends when the cat is killing a neighbors pets/livestock.

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