Neighbors dog attacked my chickens again

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by blitz1027, Jun 16, 2012.

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    are you allowed to shoot them legally? I found from the word "again" you let this go once... some people are just not worth the headache of trying to tip toe over their feelings. Shoot them and hang it over their fence. Pity the animals has to pay the ultimate price.
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    1. Call the County sheriffs office. Ask for information about your legal avenues to deal with it. Perhaps they will speak with her and inform her of her responsibilities. Sometimes that is all it takes to make someone realize the seriousness of the situation.

    2 Present your neighbor with a bill for the birds for Replacement Cost. If that includes shipping add it in. If you have to drive 50 miles add gas $. Make it real so she understands the value of her dogs actions. If she does not pay for your loss take her to small claims court.

    3 SSS
  3. I am sorry to hear someone's pets killed yours. Contact your local sheriff's office and inquire about your rights and how "pet on livestock violence" has been addressed in the past. Although it is not your fault, it is your best interest to secure your flock more robustly and protect your assets accordingly. Although I am a dog lover, it would be a shame if you were to mistake your neighbor's hounds for coyotes under the cover of darkness.
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    I had the exact same problem as you did. When the neighbors dog attacked our chickens first, the neighbors did NOTHING. Second time around the dog killed 6 of our chickens. They paid us money for new chickens and loss of egg profits. They also got rid of that dog which was good. It was a hunter dog and they know we have chickens which ticked me off. They should have known sooner or later that dog would find our chickens. I'm very sorry for your loss. Your neighbors should really own up to what they did. They should pay for your rooster and hen/s. What you should do is next time the dogs on your lawn, shoot it. You have the right to because it's killing your livestock. Hopefully you don't have to though; hopefully they get rid of that dog.
    Again I'm very sorry for your loss!! [​IMG]
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    The above links to your parish ordinances. Section 4 on the left side of the page addresses animals, and section 4-37 addresses nuisance animals. It is in Section III once you click animals in the left hand column. In Section I it stresses owner responsibility for animals behavior and their welfare.

    4-37 says that dogs and animals are not allowed to roam free and cause a nuisance to neighbors in your parish. There are penalties for violations: $500 fine, up to 30 days in jail, and community service.

    I cant copy and paste them, but maybe you can print it and take it to your neighbor. The fine alone would make me not allow my dogs to roam, if it were me. Ask her to pay you for the chickens and one week of food you wasted on them, and tell her she is lucky you havent called the police.

    I assumed you are in LA, so if not, this does not apply!
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    Ok, while I had the page open I checked your is pretty simple, in that if you have a single family home you should be R1... You need to check that on the zoning map, though. If you are R1 the rule is very liberal, but it does require you to go to the commision to show them your site plan for keeping poultry. Thus, I would not complain to the police about the dogs since you are probably not legal yourself. The commission just makes sure that having the animals is not an unusual use for where you are and approves the use. I did not look further to see if there any fees associated with doing this.

    You are actually very lucky to have such freedom in the ordinaces, so I would not hesitate to get legal. That way you can feel comfortable if you do end up going to the police.

    I would really encourage you to just go to your neighbor and say, "Hey, I dont want to call the police on your dogs, I dont want you to be fined, to go to jail, or to do community service, but it is up to you to do something about your chicken killers. You are going to leave me choice if you cant control them.". See how that goes, you know?

    Good luck!
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    Great start and if they tell you they can not do anything about the dog ask them who you should call when one of them bites you. Those dogs ain't gona stop with you, when all yours are gone they will just move to the next hen house.
    I am really sorry for your loss [​IMG] and hope you can get this nipped in the bud.
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    Gators in your lake, really??? I would, SGS. Shoot, Gator, Shutup!
    And a Showgirl no less [​IMG]. I would make the neighbor know what a sweet, tiny, and rare bird they were; and then sue the snot out of them! I have zero tolerance for people like that, and their loose dogs!!
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    Hopefully, you don't have vegetarian 'gators.
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    I am in La. and I thank you so much for finding this. I printed out everything and I'm going to take it to my neighbor and tell them to either handle the dogs or the law will.

    I had very little and now I have none. And yes the S.G.S. plan sounds quite nice.
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