Neiman Marcus Christmas Edition Coop $100,000

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    Sorry I couldn't resist sharing this. My sister sent this to me yesterday asking if this would be acceptable for my Christmas gift this year. I think the interior artwork is a wonderful idea.
    I see no problems with that at all [​IMG][​IMG]


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Dawn breaks. The hens descend from their bespoke Versailles-inspired Le Petit Trianon house to their playground below for a morning wing stretch. Slipping on your wellies, you start for the coop and are greeted by the pleasant clucking of your specially chosen flock and the site of the poshest hen house ever imagined. Your custom-made multilevel dwelling features a nesting area, a "living room" for nighttime roosting, a broody room, a library filled with chicken and gardening books for visitors of the human kind, and, of course, an elegant chandelier. The environment suits them well as you notice the fresh eggs awaiting morning collection. Nearby, you pick fresh vegetables or herbs from your custom-built raised gardens. You've always fancied yourself a farmer—now thanks to Heritage Hen Farm, you're doing it in the fanciest way possible!

    The details:

    • The buyer will receive an initial farm consultation and grounds survey and two additional onsite visits from Heritage Hen Farm expert, Svetlana Simon.
    • Simon will select three to ten heritage-breed hens carefully selected to suit your region.
    • Installation includes two custom-designed and installed raised vegetable or herb garden beds.
    • Package includes a multilevel dwelling, nesting area, "living room," broody room, library with books, two Heritage Hen Farm pasture grazing trays, waterer, feeder, and chandelier. All other props and furnishings not included.
    • Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.
    • Delivery not included.

    For every Heritage Hen Mini Farm purchase, NM will donate $3,000 to The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that protects genetic diversity through the conservation and promotion of endangered breeds. For details, dial 1-877-9NM-GIFT.

    About Svetlana Simon:
    Founders of Florida's Boynton Beach-based Heritage Hen Farm, Svetlana and husband Marty are on a mission: Bring fresher, healthier, locally driven alternatives to mass, commodity-produced eggs. They educate consumers on how food is produced and consult others on establishing local farming systems, while preserving heritage livestock and poultry breeds nearing extinction.

    Click here to see a video of the Heritage Hen Mini Farm.


    Price $100,000
    [​IMG],a,b,c,z&r=cat44770736&rdesc=The Fantasy Gifts&pageName=Beau Coop&icid=CBF12_O5415
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    A library with books!?? I feel totally deprived. My chickens can't read a word.
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    I can sell you one "just as good" for $98,500.00 and save you $1500.00....... Just trying to help you out..........I wont be making anything at this price, but what the heck, just trying to help you out. Chicken Coops are an investment, not like throwing money away on a College Education. Just give me a call at BR-549.
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    Dec 29, 2009
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    I'll pass along your offer to my sister [​IMG]It's her gift to me after all.

    Will the wall art be of similar quality? My hens are picky that way.
  5. I saw that two weeks ago in the catalog. Everyone keeps sending it to me when they see it. I actually showed it to my DH and asked him to build it for me. He said if I paid him that same amout it costs he would get right on it. [​IMG]

    Did you see where they are donating some of the money for it? DONATE IT MY WAY!

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