Nervous about coop no longer!

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  1. The outside temp is 27F, the coop temp with the sensor on the roosting/nesting box where I left 3 of the 5 birds moved there tonight is....ta da......THIRTY FOUR DEGREES.

    I;ve had a 60W incandescent out there since we've had the electric hooked up and that's about what that bulb generated; it was higher at lower temps, lower at higher temps. We did that just to see what 60W added.

    Amazing how many BTUs they generate (CTUs: Chicken Thermal Units).

    Tucked in for the 8-16" storm moving over northern Colorado.

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    Don't fret the cold weather. My chickens are out in the run and the coop in sub zero temps, and I don't give them any heat. I do, like Hokum, feed them extra corn (cracked corn) in the winter. It raises their metabolisms.
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