nervous and excited... Our doe will be a mama in t-minus five months!


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So we went ahead and made the plunge! Our goats are not as friendly and sociable as we hoped they would be and dont seem to be coming around. so we had two options- sell them and start over or breed the doe and hand raise the kids from the start.
Well this morning my doe, Darby woke up the entire neighborhood at six this AM telling us that shes ready for some lovin'. I took it as a sign and drove her out to the hills to meet with the only breeder ive been able to get in touch with. She had mini lamanchas and mini nubians. we ended up choosing their smallest buck who happened to be a lamancha. Boy was Darby happy.
Anywhooo, i payed good money to get this done and now i am just hoping were doing the right thing. Im excited and have no clue how I am going to be able to wait five months for these babies!
Mom is chocolate and the stud was black and white. I was really hoping to get some colorful kids but this doesnt seem like the best combo for that now that i think of it. Also the stud was at least 25 inches and my little girl looks to be MAYBE 18. I hope the babies arent too big for her and i hope when they mature they end up on the smaller side. SOOOO nervous!

lol . sheesh. just wanted to share with the world. I hope these babies like us more than Darby and our wether Abner... now i have got TONS of reading to do. Yikes! Anyone here have goats of this mix?
My first goats were also of the "not friendly variety". A Mama and her 2 daughters. I bought them from a fellow who free ranged them, I couldn't get my hands on them for anything! So I borrowed a neighbors little buck.
Bred only Big Mama, as I called her.

I watched the baby be born, next day I was out in that pen just sitting quietly and watching the baby play. As soon as she came over to investigate me I grabbed her and cuddled her on my lap. From that time until now, she is the biggest pest.
She follows me anytime I'm in the pen, begs for treats and if you don't pay attention to her I get a head butt. Heaven forbid I have to get down on all fours to get at something, she's standing on my back!

I've had my little buck in with 2 of the girls since October and this weekend he'll be transferring over to the other girls (one of which is the pest).

Good luck with yours, and not to worry, get your hands on the little ones ASAP and they will be friendly.
no it was a local lady that i found on craigslist. She had really pretty bucks. I really wanted to breed her with a mini nubian because they were GORGEOUS but they were way too large for my little girl. Looks dont matter much to us though as long as we are able to raise friendly babies
Well I'm glad you found someone. Mini-manchas and Mini-Nubians aren't that easy to find, at least around here. My goats were Desertwinds goats and the person I sold them to actually drove them all the way to Donna in Nevada when they needed to be bred again. Can't wait to see pictures of the babies when they arrive!

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