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May 13, 2009
Central MO
I have a quick question about nest box bedding, how deep does it need to be? I have a new hen, none of my pullets are laying age yet, and she seems to be unhappy about the nest box situation. She has inspected several, but is rearranging things and scratches and squirms down to the bottom of the boxes - then leaves unhappy. Do I need to put more bedding material in there? I am not expecting her to lay for a few days at least since she has only been here a few days, but I want to be sure the nest boxes and nesting material I am providing is ok. In some boxes I have a few inches of straw and in 3 others I have a few inches of pine shavings. I am excited to see "our" first egg and I don't want to put her off with the wrong stuff or wrong setup. I think what we have is suffecient, but I wanted to double check. Lemme know.....and thanks!
FWIW, my nest boxes just have grass clippings in them. My hens seem pretty content with it
No matter what you put in there or how you arrange it, rest assured that it's not going to be good enough until your hen gets in there & moves it around.

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