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Apr 23, 2015
Harrod, OH
Hi BYC Friends!

Looking for more advice, please...

The bottom of the nest boxes is wood in our coop, (Please see thread "New Coop- any suggestions or thoughts" in this forum if you'd like to see pictures).

I would like to line the nest boxes with something to create a barrier between the wood and nesting substrate. Any suggestions for what material might work the best? Something permanent and easy to clean preferably, but disposable would be okay, too.

Thanks so much for any help.


cut piece of 1/4 inch plywood and cover that with linoleum put it flat on the bottom, cover with your nesting material, easy clean off if necessary
I too am interested in your question...I was thinking hay originally but saw the turf mats and have been really considering them. I hope some folks with experience respond.
how do you clean one of those mats after they'd been poo'ed in a bunch,,much easier to use straw on top of something easy to clean, I am finishing up my coop build, I bought 4 Harris stainless steel nesting boxes, they have a pull out base, obviously being SS a breeze to clean.. Im planning on packing straw in there. short of buying boxes like ones I did, linoleum is easy to wipe up
I think the linoleum liner is a great idea. Thanks for the replies, I am just not sure if it will work in our situation.

We have nest boxes set up as 3 on each side. Each row has 3 connecting nests using wooden dividers to separate each nest... (I hope that makes sense). See picture below.

Chickenshoe - You raise a very valid point regarding cleaning the turf liner. The website states "simply hose off" I wonder how simple "simply" really is. Good call...Unless someone has some really positive experience with that type of liner - I think I am going to pass on those.

For easy use I am looking for individual nest liners, that way I can clean individual nests as needed instead of having to disturb all at the same time. I am leaning toward these pictured below, they are shown in the video link in the original post. Any thoughts on these - positive or negative?

I truly appreciate all the input, and look forward to additional thoughts and comments! Thank you so very much!!


Traci & Dave Bitler
I wondered how easy they are to clean tbitler posted it does say just hose them off...but I have prairie hey readily available and will probably just go that route. We already have it for the donkey and horse and whatever is left over each year they will not eat the next...has to be fresh for them! Picky eaters...

I used these next boxes instead of building them...I liked the idea of sliding them off and being able to clean them:
I saw someone on another thread used what looks like plastic dish washing tubs, fit perfect in the wooden nestbox's. I'd post the pic but I'd rather get permision first.
I bought several black dish tubs at Wal Mart. They weren't very expensive. I will use straw & shavings in the tubs. When they get dirty, I can throw the icky straw mixture into my composter, rinse the tub, & put in new straw/shavings
. My pullets haven't started to lay yet, but I don't see how my method won't work.
Thanks, beer can and ridestoofar,

I would love to see pictures, please. Beercan, would you be able to tell me which thread to look at. Or ridestoofar, would you mind sharing a few pictures?

Thanks so very much!!

Traci & Dave Bitler.

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