nest boxes


9 Years
May 12, 2010
Hudson, MA
My girls will be 17 weeks old as of Monday. I have their nest boxes blocked off since I didn;t want them in there yet. When should I open up those nest boxes so that they can get the idea that this will be the place to lay their eggs?
I would have golf balls in hand when I did it, and watch for a while to be sure they don't sleep in there. You could wait til you see some redness in the combs, or go ahead and do it now. If they all sleep on roosts, they shouldn't be a problem.
Plastic Easter eggs also work well -- really, anything that looks more or less like an egg and is heavy enough not to get kicked out easily. Rocks are great if you can find the right general shape.]

If you use plastic eggs, you may want to fill them with sand for the weight.

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