Nest building going on


12 Years
Sep 15, 2010
Ozawkie, KS
Been watching my birds today seeing one gathering twigs . One is in the nest another keeps driving this bird too the coop, not real sure why the bird gathering is obviously paired right ? SO looks like I will be getting some squab soon. How long you think it will be ?

Not sure about when but goodluck! It sounds like they are definitely paired !

my cocks go into the nest bowl and make a weird noise and then the hens come to see what the ruckus is, i'm new at breeding pigeons so i'm learning a lot really fast, just waiting for babies, have everybody set up and 3 pairs on eggs
I just acquired about 60 pigeons . Iranian highflyers, high flyers, tipplers, turbits and rollers , fantails and racing homers . I have had some as long as twoweeks and some as 2 Days. Today I found the first nest . It belongs to a pair of Iranian highflyers . There was only one egg so either Monday or Tuesday depending on when egg #1 was laid

The hen is black andwhite and the cock is white white red patches .

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