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  1. KatieChick63

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    Jul 27, 2015
    I have a 6 month old buff orpington that has been sitting in the nesting box continuously for more than a week. She did lay 1 egg after a couple of days, but nothing since then. Why is she doing this? I have taken her out, and within 20 minutes she is right back. Is she sick? She was the runt of my 9 chicks. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    It sounds as if your girl is broody. Form what you have described it sounds just like it. Here is an article on broody hens ~
    I hope it helps you, I'm sure it will. If you don't want her to hatch chicks you could brake her from being broody. If you type breaking a broody into the search many threads come up in this.

    Good luck and enjoy BYC :frow
  4. BelValleyDaisy

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    Oct 10, 2015
    i had this with my bantam Biddy. She is broody. You need to take her out of the nesting box and keep her out. depending on how many you have you could shut the nesting box not allowing her to go up there, yes she will go a bit crazy and be emotional, wanting hugs, it works and she will go back to her usual self. as it is reaching winter anyway she should start to feel the cold and break her brood anyway soon but the sooner you break her brood the easier it will be to do so.
    Hope i helped[​IMG]
  5. steven29128

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    I have a Silky that does that. She has hatched several eggs for me.
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    I would agree with @Yorkshire Coop. Sounds to me like your hen is broody. Buff Orpingtons are known to go broody. If you don't want chicks or if the eggs have no way to be fertilized (in other words, you have no rooster) then I would suggest breaking her out of her broody spell. (Here is an article on how to do so Otherwise, if you are sure she is serious about being broody, you can let her hatch her eggs and raise chicks.
  7. drumstick diva

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    If you have chased her out of the nest - the egg may have gotten too cold to progress properly. Whatever you decide to do with her please be certain she is eating & drinking. Some broodies will refuse to leave the nest to do so and can starve themselves.
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    Hey, MP, will you come and have a chat with my BO? <sigh> 20 months old and Kat has never gone broody. Easter Egger Agatha has been broody twice - the first time she was 8 months old and the second time she was 15 months old. <sigh>

    Welcome to BYC, KatieChick63! If you have access to hatching eggs, you might give her a shot at raising a family but it is pretty close to winter now. If it was my girl I think I'd break her this time and let her try closer to spring if you want chicks. I did find out the hard way that an inexperienced broody combined with a new chicken keeper doesn't always make for the best outcome. Now, that's just a generality, not a hard and fast rule. Regardless, we're glad to have you here!
  9. Mountain Peeps

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    Lol funny that you should say that Blooie. NONE of my three buff orps have ever gone broody either. I'm just going by what all the books say.[​IMG]
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    Hello :frow and welcome to BYC!

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