Nesting box bedding


7 Years
May 26, 2012
I want to know what you guys use for nesting boxes. i currently have straw, but i can change it if straw isnt right

thanks in advance!!!

Habibs Hens

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7 Years
Mar 31, 2012
London, UK
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alot of people recommend straw so your fine

me personally i dont use straw or shaving after trying many things

what i use is course saw dust and there is a reason

when a hen lays an egg it is wet from the bloom and as the egg sits there the egg dries as it would d, which makes teh egg stick to what ever it touches and straw and shaving i have noticed are a nightmare to remove once dried on

course sawdust on the other hand rubs off with my finger real easy and its harly any on the egg to start with

for me i think its brilliant
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