Nesting Box Curtains - helpful?


5 Years
May 25, 2016
Hello Everyone-
I have a Black Australorp who does not want ANYONE in the coop when she is in one of the 2 nesting boxes. We have 3 almost year old pullets. Anyone pops their head in the coop- and she starts cackling at them.
I am wondering if anyone has had a gal like this and tried adding curtains to the nesting boxes. Thinking if she can't see them, perhaps she won't pitch such a fit. If one is brave enough to just go into the other box, there is absolutely no issue. She is quiet and goes about her business. Doesn't help that this gal likes to get nice and comfy and can take a few hours in the box!
Anyway- thoughts- is it worth trying curtains?
thanks for any advice
Yes, I would try curtains. They can be as simple as stapling 2 pieces of feed bag from the top of the nest box (assuming you don't have open nest boxes like totes and trimming it a couple of inches short of the lip. Hens really prefer dark secluded nests in my experience.
Yes, I might try hanging something on her nest. Chickens like to feel like they are laying in a safe secluded spot, so making it so she can't see other chickens might make her feel better.
I have lots of scrap material - will fashion something up this afternoon.
Issue is becoming the one that can't get in has tried to lay in some jasmine plants- would be a nice hiding spot. I don't want her to start laying there if I can help it!
They have been used to free ranging in the back yard for the last couple months- so now they demand it first thing in the morning. Since we live in a neighborhood, I let them out to shut them up! Guess the chickens are in charge....
On to curtain making!
Well- so far the curtains have been accepted by the girls. My cackler did see me peek in and gave a quiet cackle - but the other 2 did go in and lay without the consternation that had been going on!
I stapled a piece of velcro above the nesting boxes and put the other side at the top of each strip, figuring I could take down one or two in the middle if the girls would not enter the boxes with them all up. Also easy enough to take them down and throw in the wash when dirty.
So far- they seem to be doing the trick! Now to figure out how to shush my Buff Orpington when the other 2 are laying and she doesn't like being all alone! She gets VERY vocal!
Might not need them Tom!
But for our girls- they seem to be helping quiet the cackling from our Black Australorp!
So much to learn- and so many knowledgeable people here on BYC! Don't know what I would have done the last year without being able to ask questions and read all the info here!

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