Nesting Box Dimensions


9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
I'm about to start making a new coop to replace the shambles that was made for me. I've learned a lot, thanks mainly to this forum, and am looking for a bit more help.

I guess that the dimensions of the nesting boxes is very important. I don't yet have a full grown hen as a guide so some tips from members would be welcome, please.

Also, I have noticed that images of coops on the internet have the nesting boxes added to the outside wall. Is there a reason for this other than to provide easy human access? If my coop is big enough for me to stand in, would a do better to have the boxes inside with no external access?

Finally, please, is the advice I saw elsewhere that I should build a communal nesting box correct or should I make individual ones?
I just use an old round tub about a foot or so deep and put it hay in it in the dark corner of the pen and my hen uses it fine
my hens perfer soil over sawdust or hay, with hay she can burry the eggs and not get a good set, sawdust stays damp , on the ground,good soil dry, (no large rocks ,egg breakers) lean a 1/2 sheet or 1/4 sheet of plywood , what your after is a dark conner! good luck tom
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