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    Apr 25, 2014
    Hello fellow chicken keepers. I'm getting ready to install nest boxes in my coop. I bought a set of five boxes all in a row. How high off the coop floor would be ideal to install these?
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    How high from the floor is your lowest roosting bar? What is the inside setup of your coop like - what I am getting at is how much open floor space for easy up/down to/from the nest boxes will your birds have? What sort of access are the boxes -will there be a ramp or is a fly/jump up? There are lots of options - its a matter of figuring out what works best within your specific setup. Many folks even choose to put them at floor level using Rubbermaid tubs, etc - so the "answer" is anywhere from 0 inches off the ground to what works for you, your setup and your birds.
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    You definitely want them lower than your roosting bar. If it is higher than where you want them to roost they will roost on them. As for how high off the floor I don't think there is any definite height. Mine are on legs that hold them about 14 inches off my coop floor. I think it is really up to you how high up you put them.

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