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    Nov 3, 2015
    So, I have decided I would rather break my broody than give her chicks. I don't have the wire floored cage to put her in but since I only have 2 chickens and my broody hen is our only layer I am looking for a way to break her without separating her. My daughter read about ice cubes but that sounds terrible. I was wondering if on that same vein... can I put freezer blocks under the straw in the nesting boxes. They might get a little damp but shouldn't make a soggy mess and I could put one in all the nesting boxes to keep them cool. Do you think this might help or should I just wait out the 3 weeks?
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    Often they will keep being broody until you break them or give them some chicks. They don't always give up very easily.
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    Your other chicken doesn't lay?

    Wire cage is really best,
    freezer block might work but she may just settle down somewhere else,
    and freezer block could damage her feet.

    They do not automatically stop setting at 3 weeks,
    unless they are given fertile eggs to hatch or day old chicks to raise.

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