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6 Years
Jun 24, 2013
I have been working on our coop and was wondering if it would be okay to just put a devider between the box I've built leaving two large boxes? We will have six to eight hens.




Thanks for helping a newbie...
That will probably work just fine. I have six hens in one coop and they share two large cat carriers as nesting boxes. In fact the one closest to the wall is the favourite and I've seen a hen toss another out because she wants it for herself, even though the other one is empty. But I've also seen two sharing a box perfectly contentedly.
nest box looks good it looks similar to one I build

recently. I have large breeds of chickens, I built each nest 14'' in width. this will give you idea of how I divided my nest box.
Thanks to everyone for the information.

Another question though. For the roost, I've been told not to use 2X4's as the chickens curl there toes around the square edge and will lose them to frostbite. I see a lot of people using 2 by material for there roost, so what is the verdict? Would it be better to use a 3" dia. willow branch a 2X3 or a 2X4?

The old roost debate. You’ll find some people have pretty strong feelings on either side of this one. The reason you see some people use tree branches or round things as roosts is that they work, even in cold climates. The reason you see some people use 2x4’s with the narrow side up or 2x4’s or 2x6’s with the wide side up is that they work in all kinds of climates. They all work.

Regardless of what they are roosting on, when a chicken squats down in cold weather on the roost, they fluff up their feathers to trap air inside to provide better insulation. Their feet are covered by those feathers, whether they are on a flat surface or wrapped all the way around a smaller tree branch.

If you elect to go with sawn lumber I suggest you round off the corners a bit. Sandpaper works great. It’s not so much to make those more comfortable to the chickens, it’s to remove splinters.

In my opinion with this issue, Bill Murray got it right in Meatballs. “It just doesn’t matter!” “It just doesn’t matter!” “It just doesn’t matter!”

But did I mention some people feel strongly about this, either way.

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