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    What is the ratio of nesting boxes per hens... I have around 20 bantam hen chickens. How many boxes do I need?

    What are dimensions for a bantam nesting box?

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    Apr 24, 2017
    I always heard 2 to 4 hens to 1 nesting box, but then ive heard they can be picky and wont share. Im ending up making one for each one just incase.
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    Id use 5 boxes for 20 to 24 birds. Do people bother to make smaller nests for bantams? I use 11 to 12 inches each side with a smaller entrance like 9x9 and some cut a circle with jig saw.

    I tell people you need a minimum of two if 4 to 10 birds then you need three until over 15 birds and so on adding a box per 5th bird. You can get away with only one box if 3 birds or less and may want 3 boxes over 8 birds if you've broody types and want to let one set. There are a few variables but in general and for most small back yard flocks of 6 birds two nests is perfect.



    This is my three nest exterior access nest box. Screwed to the outer cleats then two small pieces of plywood tacked to inner cleats. Lid it attached to coop via hinges. Volia, three nest box good for up to 15 birds, less if you let a broody set.
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