Nesting boxes


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
Please post pictures of your homemade nesting boxes & coops!
Sorry my coop was a bit dirty, I should have washed it before taking the picture. The girls rarely used the bottom row, so we took the nest material out. There are 12 nests.:
I noticed your poop board. I installed one under roost also. Do you compost our poop? I'm having trouble deciding where and how to compost. 12 hens make a lot of poop when you clean every morning!
What a pretty coop Bella Vista! Now I need to do some painting in mine. They do have a chandelier though. Hubby thought I was insane, but he hung it for me anyway.
I do in the summer, we have a compost pile waaay out back. In the winter time I just bag it and put it in the garbage as I am not one to trudge through snow banks. 14 hens here, and yes, it is amazing how much they poop over night. I clean every morning too.
Your avatar....the polish hen - what other hens are in your flock? We have WCPolish with red sexlinks. They have been together 5 months now and she is still not accepted as equal! Possibly because she acts so crazy all of the time !

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