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    Oct 18, 2014
    Cordova, alabama
    so I made the Rubbermaid nesting boxes for my hens. Have two, one has hay and the other has pine shavings. But my RIR made her own nest from pine needles and leaves in the back corner of the coop. Not a problem i thought. Well then my other RIR decided to use the same nest. Not a problem they were nice about it. But as of today my Aussie decided to us it also so today we had a lot of yelling between the Red and the Aussie cause two wanted to use it at the same time. They finally figured it out and both Layed. But what can I do to get them another nest cause they apparently do not like the boxes I made for them

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    Nov 20, 2009
    i have 6 sexlink hens, 3 wood boxes 3 feet off the floor, and a 2and a half by 3and a half shelf 2 feet off the floor, all hens lay in the same box up high, i think they will work it out, good luck
  3. Sisters Farms

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    Oct 18, 2014
    Cordova, alabama
    Thank you
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    You can knock yourself out building all sorts of super nice nest boxes, and the hens will ignore them. It's in their DNA.[​IMG]
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    Put some fake eggs/golf balls in the nests you want them to use.
    Block off the area where they think they want to lay.

    If they just started laying them it can take up to a month or so for them to figure it out ans settle into a routine that pleases both them and you.
  6. RonP

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    I also keep ceramic eggs in the nesting boxes.

    Seems to work as they don't lay elsewhere.

    Lots of info on this site advising this practice.

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