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Apr 23, 2015
So my little bantam and silkie have been laying eggs for about a month now with each day I've been taking them out! But today they've barely left their coop when usually wherever my rooster is they are too but he's wandering around while they are sat in their coop not budging! They are normally out until late evening as they are free range! I've been in and given them some food but I'm now assuming they've more than likely laid their daily egg each and are now nesting on them. I'm completely new to this so have no idea what to do. I need to clean the coop but I'm not sure how to do so with them nesting? Also will I need to place water and food close to them, how long does this process take and is it ok to keep the rooster with them? Also because I'm a new comer I haven't gotten round to worming and fleaing them (they've never shown any signs of either and I've been doing my best to check my naked eye, they've been outside over a year now). Sorry for the 1000 questions but I literally don't know what to do!

Many thanks!


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Congrats on the broodies! You will know that they are trying to hatch their eggs if they stop roosting and are spending all day and night on the nest. It takes 21 days for the eggs to hatch. You actually don't want to put food and water within reach, they will get off the nest for a little bit each day to eat, drink, and poop, and that's why you want them off the nest - you don't want them pooping on the eggs. You should be able to clean the coop without disturbing them too much, although when you get close they will probably fluff up at you and growl. I'm cleaning mine right now to prepare for baby goslings that my goose will be hatching. You should be able to leave the rooster with them. He shouldn't bother them and he should be okay with the chicks, but you'll want to keep an eye on him to be sure. You may worm them if you would like - now would be a good time anyway because broodies don't lay so you won't lose any eggs to withdrawal times. Here is guide that might help you out and answer other questions you might have, since it sounds like this is your first time with broodies.

I just had my first hen of the year go broody on Saturday :)

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