Nesting material


10 Years
Apr 7, 2009
I have thick pine shavings in my nesting box and the one girl who is laying will scoop it all to the side until just bare wood is showing and lay her egg there. I'm afraid the eggs will get broken. Am I being over anxious or should I put something under the pine shavings for added cushioning?
I posted this same thing just a few days ago. I put hay in mine and they keep getting in and kicking it all out. I put it back and they kick it out. It's a vicious cycle and I end up with cracked eggs. Uggggg.
I think I read somewhere about somebody using rubber shelf liners. I haven't tried it myself yet but they should be real easy to clean. Maybe put straw or sawdust on top of them?
I had this problem and was getting a cracked egg every day from the same chicken. I added a piece of cardboard under the even if they move the shavings out of the way, the cardboard has enough "give" to keep the egg from breaking.
Thanks everyone. I'm going to try the cardboard first and see how that goes. You guys are the greatest!

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