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10 Years
Mar 20, 2009
Live Oak
My 8 month old silkie hen started 'star gazing' and is now losing coordination in her limbs. Apart from this she is eating and with help and support from me (and some vetwrap) she doesn't deserve to be euthenised.
Any ideas what this is all about ??
Sounds like it could be wryneck. This is caused by a nutritional deficiency. Look that up and see which vit/nutrient and make sure it is in whatever vits you purchase. It may be all that is wrong. I believe it is common in silkies.
we got one recovering at the moment, extra vit B and warm isolated cage, not sure how she'll do back in the run with the rest, but seems ok by herself.
Vitamins and since it is young, likly to recover. Silkies are also pretty prone to brain damage due to their vaulted skulls and often exposed brains. A bump or pick and there goes motor control.

Good luck!
I looked up viamin B deficiency and I was told to give up coffee, refined foods and sugar and I was to eat more oats etc.
I gave poor Esme some vit. B complex and mixed it with rearer food. She has always had a varied diet but I will be extra vigilant. Thanks for everyones input.
Hi there,

I just brought our runner duckling back to normal by supplementing vitamin e 400i.u capsules 4 times a day. It literally took less than two days for her to go from not being able to walk straight to almost normal. If you have any questions contact Dr Peter Brown at First State Vet. He is the one who helped me, and he did say that ducks don't get it very often but apperantly Silkies are more prone to it.

I hope it help.

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