Never again will I do chukar . . .


12 Years
May 29, 2007
Chicken Country, U S A
So once they get to maturity, they pretty much pick each other to death.
I have lost so many birds in the last 2 weeks to this it aint even funny . . .

I have seperated them, I have tried to seperate by sex as best I could.
I seperated by extent-of-picking, and I seperated by putting pickERS in together . . .

Chukars are a p[email protected]$$, I am planning on processing them all next Sunday, one . . . more . . . week . . .

I wont even get into the amount of food they require . . .

I think if they were all debeaked, things would be different, but that is a lot of trouble for a few meals.
Coturnix are way easier, and when all is said and done there aint that much difference in size.

The chukar are just about at the month mark for eating rabbit pellets, for taste, like my quail.

I cant wait till they are gone . . .
Wow...I hate hearing all these people having negative expirences with chukar. Never had a problem myself.
Like Randy said I consider them pretty easy. Just give them 20% or higher feed....a decent sized pen...even then I have seen them kept in very small pens. And plenty of fresh water and you shouldn't have a problem. Just make sure you dont mix birds from different batches until fall/winter.
Other than that I didn't do anything special. I have always had good luck though raising quail...pheasant...chukar...etc.
They hatch great, they raise up just fine, all the way till they decide they are crowded one day . . .

I had them in small cages like the UCdavis pdf, but they just started picking, and then wouldnt stop.

Its all good again now that I reclassified them all and changed them to wire-only cages.
They are getting their feathers back and looking alot better.

Havent lost one since I switched them up, but they still a PIA.

I loved raising them, and its definately been a learning experience, but I think they just too wild for cages in my backyard.
I might just maybe keep a trio around and see how that goes, I plan to process the rest this weekend.
They just need lots of room... and I've found that a chicken rooster in the pen with them keeps the pecking order calm.
Mrs. AK-Bird-Brain :

They just need lots of room... and I've found that a chicken rooster in the pen with them keeps the pecking order calm.

Thats very interesting Thanks for that and might well try it if we have probs

Sorry to hear that Chickenwhisperer - each year I keep extending my pens with more cover and its made a big difference​

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