Never Mind! Installed Nipple Water in the run


12 Years
Mar 15, 2011
Fort Worth, Tx
Hey guys, any fool proof ideas on getting them to use the nipples? They have been on a regular water stand since I got them. I keep a 1 gallon water in the coop and door is open all day but being in texas, I wanted to provide clean fresh water in the run also.

Cant get them to catch on.

Edited - Went out this morning and they were all drinking out of it!
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When they are thristy.. they figure things out quickly!

Had a neighbor once that needed us to watch their dog... said he would only eat 1 type of food.. NOTHING else.. by the next day.. .apparently what I had tasted pretty good to him
We have a nipple waterer where we put the nipple on a piece of tubing and the container is this big plastic barrel. Anyway. It is just there in a shaded area of the run.
Although I found I do need a hole in the top so they can drink from the thing. It is sitting in a stand with the tube dangling. Even girls that were not used to drinking from it are drawn to the red color and figure it out. Sometimes I fill it with ice.

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If you push on the nipples and have a drip of h2o dangling then they will go after it and then get more water as they play with it and then the others will notice what the first one is doing and then it's pretty much a done deal after that.
I spent a half an hour out there trying to get them to "watch and learn". All they wanted to do was run out of the run and get into the garden. I am thinking of tying on something the dangles but do not want them to eat the dangeler. A tough question.
I am having the same problem. I am afraid they'll dehydrate before they figure it out. They drink out of the dog's dish when I let them out. I need a camera to spy on them while I'm at work to see if they're playing me.
Mine figured it out eventually. They had been drinking from a mason jar waterer. I just quit filling the jar and within a day or so they taught themselves to use the nipple waterer. When they get thirsty enough their instincts will take them to where they sense water and they'll figure it out.

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