Never mind this post..i found the answer... how many days do I do this

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    Nov 27, 2010
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    I put 3 cc's of safeguard in their water/ one gallon just now
    My friend had some safeguard- so I wasnt sure how long the ivermectin would get here

    Now do I do this for 3 days.. or just this one day...????

    Also.. when the injectable ivermectin gets here.. do I do it again? or just wait- 10 days and then use the ivermectin... inject into a grape? they love love.. grapes
    I also have chickens.. so should I give the injected ivermectin to them too??? or just let them have their safeguard in their water?? another words.. I am really worried about the one white peahen... I am not sure if she has gapeworm or not.. but think I should use the ivermectin on at least her when it arrives??

    also how do I even know.. if they are each getting enough of the safeguard 3/cc to one gallon of water.. ???
    teach me.. teach me...

    Let me know?? so I dont od them..

    thank you all

    The answer is for a few days..hehhee thanks anyways everyone
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