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    Apparently I've spoken the dreaded "EE" word again. Lord knows they're not "real" chickens here. Place the scarlet letter upon me. [​IMG]

    I have EE's, but many are clean faced. I would prefer bearded in my flock and I'm trying to breed back toward that. The rooster I chose to keep originally is unfortunately clean faced. I decided to breed him to two unrelated hens that ARE bearded to see what kind of outcome I'd get. Out of 5 chicks hatched, only one was bearded and it's male. The son has a thicker beard than the mothers. If I take his son and breed him back to the bearded hens, what percentage of bearded offspring could I expect? Also, is it possible to breed the clean faced gene out of a flock almost completely or will there always be a percentage that will be clean faced?
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