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Oh boy - I thought this was going to be so easy but after signing onto this site and reading everything, now I'm very nervous. I let my broody hen set on five eggs as she has been wanting to for 1 yr. now and I had a rooster for about 1 wk who took care of all the girls bef. he went to the neighbors as he was MEAN! Now there are 2 days left, I'm on day 19. I stopped candling because I noticed everyone seemed to think you shouldn't do that often (why?). The eggs went to all dark inside last time I looked, day 16. I'm hoping that means babies but maybe it's rotten eggs! They don't smell. I was wondering if you can hear the babies inside peeping this late in the hatch? I used a stetascope but couldn't hear anything. When do they actually start pecking to get out? After 21 days? Any help or info would be great. (I thought you just left it to the hen like on TV).... dahhhhh
I am using a bator for my egg, but no you won't be able to hear the peeping that early!
You will notice that the chick will start pipping around day 18, 19, 21, and sometimes(but not usually) around day 22-24, which is late. When the chick starts to pip(peck at the egg) it will take a while after that stage before it hatches. So don't be surprised if it takes a long long time to hatch after pipping(It may take as long as a whole day+night!)
I'm on day 17 myself(day 18 is tomorrow! YAY!!!)

But good luck!
I hope you have somw wonderful chickies soon!
oh and the eggs are moost likely NOT rotten!
If they were, they would smell and the hen might have tossed them out by now.
We let one of our Broody hens sit on 4 eggs (her first and ours too) and at day 20 we could hear pecking and peeping when you hold it next to your ear. We didn't candle but like once. I figure if she kicked one out or I smelled something funky then I would look but all the eggs hatched and now I have 4-1 week old babies.


Good Luck with yours!!

Edit to add: That was odd. Tried posting a pic of chicks and got a rabbit instead, lol.
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Oh, that is so exciting that your hen did her "thing" and hatched those eggs. I'm on day 20 now, very excited but trying to hold back in case I don't get anything or bad results. She didn't get off her eggs yesterday like usual so I haven't tried holding it up and listening today. She gets pretty upset if I try to take one from under her so I'm trying to wait it out. She is a large blu cochin about 1 1/2 yrs. old now. Her sister keeps trying to steal the eggs out from under her and sit on them! I have to post another question now, just in case they hatch as I don't know how the chicks get out of the nest, etc. Thanks for your very hopeful reply! Sharon
All dark inside is the chick taking up all the space, and blocking the light. I usually candle mine at about 8 days, 14, and 18. If you do this, the dark part will get bigger each time. I thought the same thing with my first hatch, but afte finding a rotten egg, I will tell you. if they are totally rotten, you can see the yolk well (or at least I could), and it looks dark, but the surrounding parts have kind of a 'swirly' look to them. Hope this helps!
You can't hear the babies cheeping until they break the membrane, and take their first breath, probably day 19 or 20.
Oh btw, I do leave it to the hens, I just have a bator too

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