New adult hen ran away- please help me she was so nice

serama hen

7 Years
Sep 9, 2012
Nothern New Jersey
Help please!!! My new hen who i got yesterday from VA, she was an ayam kapan, ran away. I took her outside after school and put her in a run without a top the run was about 5 feet tall and poorly made but held well. My baby sister wanted to make the litlle chicken comfortable so she took a baby shuvle and began throwing leaves at the hen. She got so freaked out that she jumps and flaped so high and landed on top of the shed. She then ran into my neighbors house and i jumped the fence and tried catching her then she flew to the next neighbors house i jumped over another fence. Then she ran under a balchony. Slowly she got out then i tried to hold her but she is so small she jumped again and flew over the fence into an open area with a bank and streets and cars. There is many trees there about 3 or 4 and a few shrubs and bushes. She dissapeared when i ran into the parking lot of the bank and looked under every car every shrub its like she vanished i looked for hours but the day is short and night slowly fell i looked into trees and gave up and walked home. It is really ccold and i dont know if shell survive how would i get her back. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well first smack your sibling in the face and you should have stayed in the area if you really showed you cared your parents would have helped most likely chickens are pretty tough creatures ever seen a momma protect her chicks and they descend from t rexs you might want to ask nearby neighbors if they seen the hen and put flyers if you can most people will laugh beacause they dont have respect what gives them food and only a few see them as pets if she is lucky she will fly into someones lawn and the people will kindly take her in thats how i met my roo poor thing herd from some people a dog had chased it and it looked all malnourished and with out that roo glow now hes all plump crowing and dust bathing and i even got him a hen no hes all cocky ,hence its origin, and talks trash to me and every time he gets attacked it being a dog cat or hawk he starts crowing right after danger and roo dancing the hen dropping his wing no the problem i face is my hen laying eggs and going broody i found out two months later where he came from i got to atatched to that roo and to hell with it all if i dont get any chicks from him hopefully that hen finds someone like me

ps reason why i didnt return him is because his birds were all in coops mine arent and we have a good system me and my birds they wake up i feed them they hide under garage door and lay down get some sun and dust bath near a evergreen tree no way get caught off guard by hawk dogs cant get in only cats are major threat only adds to the pile a reasons i despie cats heck they cant even do the only thing they are useful for which is killing mice and rats shoot i given two cats too many chances to scat should have bashed them but i aint cruel you can judge one by how one treats animals well i bored you but i love this site and love a good story i dont mind you replying
Usually chickens have a 'homing' instinct but since she was new she might not know where her home is. You could try using a net, being carefully not to hurt her. If no predators take her and she survives the night, she may come back around. If you have other chickens, place one in a cage to use as a decoy. Scatter some food on the ground and she might come around. Good luck!
[SIZE]Serama, wow! Sounds like you really had a tough evening. These things happen, if it got dark immediately, chances are that she hid somewhere close to where you last saw her and hunkered down for the night. If you're able, go there at first light (maybe a parent will help?). Bring some meal worms, a lot of people use these as treats for their chickens-perhaps her former owners did and she'll recognize the sound of the container when shaken.

If you don't find her in the morning, I like the idea of flyers or asking around at neighbors houses. If you have no success finding her, forgive yourself, forgive your sister and try to learn something from this.

Good luck!
We've had a few newbies flee by accident. We usually grab our noisiest hen in a cat carrier and take her to the spot we last seen the missing chicken. Most chickens will flock together so usually the missing hen will appear if it is close by. Instead of looking sometimes it is easier listening for the hen as they usually are calling for others. The best way to catch her would probably be with a large butterfly net. Do not give up as she probably did not travel far in the night.
Thanks everyone i found her and my lil sister is only 2 she didnt no any better. This hen flew across the street like a bird it flapped its wings then soared then gently landed on its feet it flew on top of a roof i have to clip her wings my god she is amazing when she flies and funny part is my tenant saw her and said she was a cute bird she didnt know what it was no one did it comb and wattle are very small and invisable yay CHICKENS CAN FLY
My leghorn flew away one night, but came back the next day - that was after I clipped her wing! They are very good fliers. You only need to clip one wing - the idea is to unbalance her. You just clip the longest feathers in line with the shorter ones - be careful not to clip too close as the feathers can bleed if you cut a blood vessel. I suggest you look on YouTube - there are some good videos on there that show you how.

Glad you got her back!

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