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Jim and Karen

Dec 27, 2015
We have recently purchased a chicken coop and are interested in getting 2-3 laying hens.
What kind should we get and do you have any advice for us?
Welcome Jim and Karen, very nice to meet you. Deciding on the right breed begins with determining your wants. Climate also is a factor. Most chickens tolerate cold much better than heat & humidity. I would suggest you start your chicken education at the Learning Center, and then "Raising Backyard Chickens forum."

You may want to post on your state thread and ask what breeds do best in your climate. If your weather runs to extremes, there are different coop types to handle it.
Read, read, read! Every chicken has their own personality traits. The more informed you are, the fewer surprises await you!
Hello and

We are glad you joined us!

Well this decision kind of depends on your environment and what you want.
If you want sweet and gentle birds you should go more for Buff Orpingtons, Light Brahmas, Buff Brahmas, Favorelles, and silkies.

If you want a hardy breed you should go more for a lot of the popular breeds like, Barred rocks, Americanas, Maroons, Welsummer, Wayndottes, Rhode Island Reds, and Jersey giants.

If you want ones for broodiness you should go more for Silkies, Buff orpingtons, I cant think of them all so youll have to look them up.

There are also a ton of other breeds you can go for too other than my suggestions, I just cant think of them all right now.

Hope this helps, do you need help with anything else?

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