New at keeping quails and can't seem to sex them


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May 4, 2015

I have got 5 quails and they were meant to be all girls, but now I am not so sure one of them chases one particular hen (i think) around a lot, I am getting 4 eggs most days and she/he crows and doesn't like me much either.

I attach a photo, it would be great to see what others think.

Yup, you've got yourself a boy there. You may have to separate him off if he becomes a bit too enthusiastic and is harassing your hens. Some boys are more aggressive in their attentions than others.
Thanks, I thought he was a male, he is still quite young, could he improve when he get's older? Also he seems to be the worst in the morning and then clams down by the evening.
i wouldnt seperate him. leave him be for a couple reasons... 1-4 is a pretty good breeding ratio. if you take him out he is as good as dead if you put him back in, hens can be really aggressive aswell to strange males, plus then you will have fertilized eggs! I would use this as your breeding flock to build up a layer flock. now that you know what the males look like with brown cots they can easily be seperated into a "meat" group and hens left alone...

take care

Thansk, I am really keeping them as pets, but think I will keep the male in there unless he becomes to much of a trouble maker. Could I breed from them if they (the male and females) have the same dad? as these do.
cool! they do make great pets. well inbreeding or line breeding can only be done for a few generations or less, there is a proper way of doing it and always at some point new blood will have to be added. I really dont consider myself very knowledgeable on this subject in order to provide an indepth answer. I would google or search line breeding, inbreeding and spiral breeding to get some good info on the subject. theres is a right way and a wrong way of doing it. if you were to breed them and end up with a bunch of crossbeak chicks/smaller adults/ect ect... then new blood is needed...

take care


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