New Babies and Holding


May 11, 2015
We just got four new chicks (1-2 weeks old) and I have a question about how much is TOO much holding. I have a very responsible nine year old daughter who wants to hold them ALL the time. I do ask her to switch them out every 10-15 minutes so no one is out too long. But she wants to hold them ALL the time. I know this will wane but I am constantly worrying that we are doing something wrong. Mostly then just sit or walk around on her lap. A couple like to sleep on her neck and nuzzle in her hair.

Can you experts let me know if there is TOO much handling happening at this young age?

As long as they get enough time to eat, drink and sleep, holding them often would benefit them. Obviously if they show sighs of stress or are getting really tired, you should put a hold on the play-time. I know a camp near us that raises chickens for the campers to play with. They have had no problems (as far as i know) with too much attention being bad for their health. It sure does wear them out though. Little chicks need their sleep!
You'll see the signs if the chicks are getting stressed from being out of the brooder. As long as the chicks appear to be relaxed and enjoying the attention and closeness with your daughter, I see no reason to worry about overdoing it.

Chicks are pretty good at voicing their complaints. You'll hear from them if they aren't happy.

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