New babies here! (with pics)

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Jun 13, 2010
I got "the call" this morning at 10am telling me that our new chicks were ready and waiting at the Post Office! All 8 made it safe and sound and seem to be perky and happy after a few hours of rest in the new brooder. We don't know what two of them are (they were "assorted bantams"), so if you can help me guess, I'd appreciate it!

Here are some pics:

Salmon Faverole (I wasn't squeezing her - the picture just makes it look that way!)

Plymouth Rock

Silver Wyandotte

Red Star

White Leghorn

Silkie bantam - although we have no idea what color she'll be. Can any of you tell?


Mystery Bantam 1 - any guesses? This little guy is tiny; smaller than the other two bantams and is the most vocal of the lot. Legs are greyish/orangeish, no feathers on feet, and four toes.


Mystery Bantam 2 - any guesses? This little one has greenish/greyish legs, no feathers on feet, and four toes

ADORABLE BABIES!! Congratulations!
whatever they are - they are cuter than cute!
I'm guessing splash or partridge on the silkie chick.
I'm guessing bantam EE's on the mystery chicks.
Anyone else?
You got a great assortment! They are soooooo adorable. I had a hard time figuring out a couple of them too. Every time I thought I knew, a day would go by and they would change again and I'd be back to guessing. I got a bantam assortment too (they are 5 weeks old), but I requested brahmas and EE's and they gave me 4 & 3 of them and then a golden seabright, splash rosecomb, and a cochin. Oh no....I think I want more..I can't fight's too
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They are adorable!!

The first mystery chick looks like a bantam dutch or OEG.

The second mystery chick is most likely a d'Anver or an EE. If it has a single comb it's a d'Anver, pea comb means EE.

I love the little silky and the SF. I love the feather footed puffy cheeked babies. Adorable!!

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