New Baby ducks!!!!! LOTS OF PICS!!

Matilda hen

7 Years
Apr 11, 2012
My Coop
My Coop
these are my 8 new babies who i incubated <3 1 rouen baby girl Bella 6 Aylesbury's and 1 black swedish!
the babies Ally , Bella , Buster Bubbles Herbie Pie Sampson & Delilah!
Tell me what you think
well she does have a tiny one under her eye , but we assumed shes a rouen because no1 around here has mallards , but i dont know! Thankyou , maybe she is!? any other distingtive ways you could tell me? we only bought her egg the rest were positive of lol
it would be 2 full eye stripes if she was a rouen.
and that is a fool proof way to tell .

sounds 2 me like someone doesnt know what kind of birds they have and are selling people mallards.

did the egg have a green or blue tint to it?
it had a tiny green tint to it! these my first ducklings , and i know what the rest are for definate , but wernt 100% on bella the now known mallard! thanks for that , at least now i now what they all are! thankyou! do you have rouens or mallards?
mallard eggs will have a green tint. and rouens will have white eggs.

and no i raise call ducks.
but i see soo many people getting confused on the 2 so i always try to help them

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