New baby goose, eye looks weird???


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Aug 27, 2020
Hi everyone not sure if this is the correct spot to post this, but on May 28th I had three baby geese born, one ended up dying, one seems to be growing healthy (?) And the last one isn't growing as quick as the 1st and also seems to have some kind of eye issue (??) I'm not sure if it's something genetic or if there's anything I can do to help the goose. The geese who had them are 9+ years old which probably doesn't help the situation. Just trying to see if there's anything I can do to help the little one :) Screenshot_20220608-151716_Messenger.jpg 20220608_150022.jpg 20220608_150407.jpg 20220608_150401.jpg


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We've had a few cases, this spring, with eye infections, etc. We have had excellent luck using DG Health, triple antibiotic ointment, applied directly to the eye, and around the eye.

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