New bald spot, contusion of chick's face


7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
I have 4 almost 6- week- old chicks, still in the brooder. They seem ready to go out this weekend. Today, I noticed that one of the chicks has about a 1/4" in diameter bald spot on her cheek with a scrape inside and a slight browning of the feathers around the spot. Could this be the result of a minor altercation? They are getting quite jumpy now, I think it is the small space. Could this be something more serious? Should I treat the area with hydrogen peroxide or isolate the chick? Thanks in advance for any information. I'm very,very new at this and I would just hate for something to happen to one of my girls :(
Sounds like a scuffle. Time to move those birds into some more spacious digs. They start getting really up in each others' faces at this age, so it is time for them to be able to get away from each other.

Dab a tiny bit of Neosporin on the spot and let it heal. Make sure you don't make the spot more noticeable by putting too much on. Just enough to discourage an infection and aid in healing.

Good luck.

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