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    Mary and I are putting in two hives this spring. Our package bees will be available between March 28th and April 4th. Honey flow is between 1 May and ends around 1 June so we probably wont get anything this year, unless the late blooming cotton is planted this year. I am not sure where the crop rotation is with the fields near us.

    Where we are with things. We have purchased two packages from a well known and trusted local bee guy. We have two Langstroth beehives and the basic equipment to inspect the hives and care for the bees, (Feeder, clothing, hive tool, smoker, bee book etc). We joined the local Beekeeper's Association and have an experienced mentor.

    What other advice does anyone have?

    Neighbors are cool with the bees and nobody within a half mile or so uses any form of spray for lawn treatments. I used to spray the lawn but stopped a couple of years ago because we had no bees in the yard. We have already planted a lot of bee attracting flowers and bushes due to a lack of bees and they weren't doing their job of bringing bees. That is how Mary made the decision that I would become a beekeeper. LOL

    My 6yo son, (7 in April), and 10 yo daughter both want to be involved in caring for the bees. Too young for the boy? There is a 10 yo girl in the Association.
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