New bird sneezing?

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    Mar 11, 2007
    I got some new birds, and they are too cute. I got home late last night and put their travel cage in the entry way and collapsed into bed. But I kept hearing this muffled little "choo!" noise. It took me awhile to realize why I hadnt been able to place it: it was a chicken sneezing! [​IMG] She obviously wasnt sneezing when I picked her out yesterday afternoon, but now...she's sneezing. No discharge I can see, just these little "choo" noises every 15 minutes or so.
    Im keeping them in the travel cage for right now while I figure out WHERE i can put them thats not directly exposing the other birds (my other birds are going to county fair in a month. thats the last thing we need.).
    SO...WHAT DO YOU GUYS USE TO TREAT SNEEZING BIRDS? I was thinking terramyacin, but I havent got any in years, and I heard it was discontinued. Any tricks for getting a sneezing biddy well?

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    Well it could be nothing. Sometimes sneezing is like a normal sneeze that occurs to us too. In any case keep an eye on them.

    Is Terramyacin discontinued??? I gave it to my birds last week to protect them from Swollen head syndrome. The one that i gave to my birds was made by Pfizer. I guess you can get it too then.

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