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    I got 4 birds last weekend (2 Cochin Bantams from 1 place, 2 Dorkings from another). Last night I notice something on one of the Dorkings beak. Well it was crusted up snot on nostril. These birds are isolated from my original flock (2 Delwares). So I cleaned off the nostrils of the Dorkings with a wet paper towel. Can't tell what color snot is, might get a better idea today after work. Also I intend on separating the Bantam for Dorkings to give them more room and examine birds better. Finishing new ark tonight for bantams and well take a better look at them when separated. All birds seem to be eating, drinking, pooing ok. There are being housed in pine shavings.
    Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated as I am a greenie to birds

    p.s. I am glad I listened to you guys about isolating new birds
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    Isolation...very important...Good.
    Try putting your nose down close to theirs and take a sniff. This is how you will determine if it is Coryza (very nasty) or just a URI or allergies to new bedding. If the smell is of rotted flesh...bad news...Coryza. If not then keep birds isolated, fed well and warm. Consider changing bedding. If they start to "gape" breathing you may want to support them with and antibiotic like auremycin or (My preference) gallimycin. 2 level tsp to One gallon of water in plastic waterers...not galvinized for 7 days. Keep isolated for the next week to be sure it doesn't return.
    If may want to consider culling. Sorry.
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    I will smell then tonight. I looked up Coryza it said a few other things to look for in infected birds. I did not notice any swelling or for them being off feed . Actually they are egger and vigorus.
    If it is not Coryza, am I going to be able to add to flock after insolation period of at least a month, or should I go ahead and plan to dispose of them. I had planned on using one of the better Dorkings for breeding. I will also keep an eye on my base flock of Delawares( I wash hands and change clothes before I tend to them)

    Hoping for the best ( which it what in this situation? )
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    So don't really know what snot should smell like. It does have a smell, I didn't gag. A little bit of gapping breathing, but if you nose is plugged what are you spose to do? I am going to keep watching them. going to seperate them from other new chickens tonight to see what the eat and poo like. I will take some pics tomarrow in daylight.
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    See if you can find some VetRx (or Marshall's Rabbit Rx - it's the same thing) to dab on the bird. Type in VetRx in the "Search" area at the top of the page for more info. Check at pet superstores, etc. I had to look at 5 different stores before I found it. Think of it in human terms as "Vick's Vapor Rub". It will help with the breathing issues.

    Also, maybe 'electrolytes' in the water ... and 2-3 drops Poly-Vi-Sol *without iron* (vitamins for babies).
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