New brooder is done and it's a hit!

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    So for the past 4 years I have used all sorts of different brooders for the first several weeks - boxes, totes, bathtub, etc. Then I would put up my temporary "nursery" in the chicken house for the remaining time. Well I'm tired of that. Plus I have too many chickens and guineas now to take away part of the chicken house. Soooo DH and I designed and built a new brooder. Right now it is in the unfinished part of our basement but as soon as the weather cooperates and the barn gets finished and I can move everybody there. The brooder will be moved there and we will also build a "grow out" pen that they can move to until ready to be with the rest of the flock. We mostly raise guineas so we need a place that they can be locked up for 2 months.

    So here's the new brooder! I LOVE IT

    It's 4 ft wide and 3ft deep. Has hardware cloth on the doors and there is also acrylic cut to fit to keep in warmth for time like now. There is also an opening on the side that has the acrylic on but not the hardware cloth yet.



    Both doors open for ease of cleaning, but the left one will be the primary door to access food and water. You can see the sweeter heater hanging as well. There is a light in the back of the brooder.


    Chicks and ducks added - blue, black, splash marans, SLW, and 2 pekin ducks.


    So I took a chance and wanted to try to add my silkie and the ONE Crevecour chick that hatched in an egg with a broken air cell. This is a first time silkie mom and she took to the rest of those babies like they were hers all along. Within minutes everyone was climbing on her and she was feeding them. I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. Oh just a note - I hatched the crevecour chick in my Brinsea and since he was SO much smaller than the rest of the chicks I gave him to my broody silkie. It worked!


    Excuse the grainy pics - apparently my phone camera lens must be dirty. LOL! And don't ask me why the pics have a red tone to them. It must have to do with the white light reflecting off the plywood.... because there is no red light anywhere near there.

    Thanks for looking!
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  3. startingover

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    May 15, 2009
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  4. So, when will mine be ready? [​IMG] BTW it looks good! [​IMG]
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    I'll take about 5 of them brooders!
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    Feb 27, 2011
    How long did it take to make and how expensive? It's VERY nice! I think I'll put my DH on this project. [​IMG]
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    You make my cardboard box look pathetic [​IMG] I had a very nice brooder box last year but it became the coop so they get a laundry machine box this year
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    Very nice! [​IMG]
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    Quote:GRR! I just typed a response and lost it! I hate that! Let's try this again...

    Cost - ummm more than I wanted. BUT I LOVE it - so it's worth it right? Kinda like chicken math at work! LOL.

    So 2 sheets of plywood - $30, sheet of acrylic $25, 10 2x4's $25, linoleum $10, light $2 - so roughly $100. We had the hardware cloth, sweeter heater, nails, screws, hinges, etc.

    We spent I guess 4-5 hours building it. Part of that time was rearranging cr*p in the basement to make room to work since we have pilled stuff up all winter. Plus half the stuff in the unfinished part belongs in the BARN that isn't done yet. Grrr.

    The top part of the brooder is NOT attached to the legs. We did that for ease of movement and if I decide I don't like the height then it is easy enough to change. The top part of the brooder the 2x4s that attach it to the bottom plywood are attached with screws. That way if we ever need to change the linoleum for any reason it is easy enought to disassemble. Actually most of it is screwed instead of nailed.

    The light you see coming through cracks are purposely put there for ventilation reasons. I intend to hang the food and water and put perches in. The heater is along one side instead of the back because if I ever need to divide it there is room on the other side for another heater. I think building another one works too though! LOL. Chicken math again.

    There is no board on the front when you open the doors so that when I need to clean it I literally can just slid everything out onto the floor (or garbage can) instead of having to scoop it out. I hate trying to scoop everything out because you can never get it all out!

    Umm let's see - sloped roof so no perching on it...

    That's all I can think of right now...

    Thanks for the comments! I love my new brooder!
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    I want to put my order in. Very nice..[​IMG]

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