New brooder set-up is a huge success! (Photos)

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by azygous, Jun 18, 2010.

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    At the beginning of June, I posted a photo of my new brooder idea that I thought of to combat the problem many of us have had with our chicks being frightened of us reaching in and handling them from up above. The last batch of chicks I raised were in a big cardboard brooder box set up on the floor. They never have learned to trust me to handle them, even at a year old.

    So this time, I set the brooder box up on a table in front of a large window. I cut a window into the back side and covered it with clear plastic to let in light from the window. Then I cut a door into the front side, leaving the fourth side on the bottom lightly scored so it would act as a hinge. I used popsicle sticks attached at the top with machine screws and nuts for latches.

    It was an immediate success. The babies were never afraid of me, even from the start. Since they could see the human attached to the big hands reaching in from the side, instead of from above like a predator would attack, they learned to know who their chick mama was.

    They're now three weeks old. I get them out and play with them on the floor every day. They aren't the least bit afraid of me, even if I stand up and tower over them. When I sit on the floor, they are all over me. No fear whatsoever!

    Yesterday, I decided their original box was a bit too small for six growing chicks. I found a slightly larger box and set it up on a table beside the first box. I cut all the same openings into it as the first one. Then I cut a pass-through between the two boxes so the chicks now have a two-bedroom condo!

    I'm posting a couple photos so you all can see what it looks like. I declare this new, side-access brooder box approach a smashing success! I'll never go back to the old barbaric, box on the floor brooder again. Besides, you wouldn't believe how it saves the back when cleaning and caring for the babies!
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    Great pics! here is a pic of my brooder..[​IMG]I have it on a counter as well...
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    Very clever and well done. I think it's real important that not only do we handle our small flocks of chicks, but also that they can see us and interact with us. I think it makes a difference. My brooder is on the floor, but the front is plexiglad -- Not only can I see them, but so can the dogs and the cat and the chicks can see us. So far, for socializing, it's working out really well.

    It's especially clever that you figured how to add space for your growing chicks. Smart, smart, smart!


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