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Mar 3, 2008
Well, cabin fever hit pretty hard this year, and I've convinced myself that I can make a go at being a small breeder/supplier. We live in rural Alaska, and it is really hard on the chicks to ship them here. And especially the quail, who are so tiny. So, I just applied for a business license... I'm officially the Crazy Chicken Lady of Sterling Meadows Hatchery. *yow... someone pass me a paper sack... I'm getting dizzy!*

I'm super excited, and I have so many things going through my head. I want to make sure that I don't miss an important aspect of the business end of the whole thing. I am not up and running yet - chicks to arrive soon to compliment my existing flock - and I've started communications with the local vet for NPIP/State requirements, etc. We will be focusing on Silver Grey Dorkings, Lt Brahmas, Silkies, and quail. For now. Our property isn't so big that we can do more breeds, but if we do add them, they will be the very rare or very travel-sensitive types. The local feed store is chomping at the bit already with the prospect of getting viable quail... she was heartbroken every time she received a shipment, and was getting tired of buying dead chicks, so she stopped getting them all together.
Anyway, I'm excited and rambling. Is there anyone else out there that has taken their passion for chickens to the next level and created a small homebased business out of it, and what pit-falls should I look for? Any helpful hints, tips, battle-stories (
) are appreciated.
Thank you!!
Got it! Thanks Cuda!

Um, is it ok to have 3 guard dogs? LOL!
The pens are in the works. I can't fence off the whole yard, but the chicken domains will be hot-wired against predators. And the whole yard is guarded by a shot-gun-toting husband.
hee hee!
I'm excited for you. I love Alaska. My DH used to work on the North Slope until we got married and I got real tired of that "commute" every two wks. I have an Aunt in Eagle River. Anyway, good luck with your new adventure.
No, I haven't taken that giant leap, just thinking about it still. I have run a daycare, though and do have some advice. Stick to your guns, and keep excellent books!


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