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5 Years
Apr 23, 2014
I’m Roger. I live in Oregon and I’m a retired 68 year old citizen. My wife and picked up 6 chicks at the local farm and feed store six and half weeks ago. We picked up two Buff Orpingtons, two Red Sex link, and two Ameraucana. I built a 4ft by 4ft brooding box complete with feeder, waterer, heat lamp and etc.
My big mistake was building the box out of Styrofoam sheets. At 3 weeks of age they ate holes thru the side and started poking their heads out. New box is plywood with a wire cover. Just started on the coop.
Plan on visiting this site a lot.
I just have to laugh not at you but, at the image of those rascals chewing through the Styrofoam and poking their heads through. Styrofoam is like popcorn to chickens, they will eat it wherever they find it. I can't recall anyone saying it caused a problem. Still it's not on the food pyramid.

Welcome to the flock.
Alright Roger,
great to have you joining the BYC flock

BYC has a very useful learning center

Sounds like you are having some fun enjoy your new flock

Welcome to BYC!

Yes, they will eat anything that doesn't eat them first! So glad they survived the styrofoam as it is not easily digested.

Enjoy your new babies and make yourself at home here on BYC. Welcome to our flock!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Glad your chicks are OK, the little rascals, chickens do love styrofoam, think every chicken owner has discovered that one way or another.

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