New BYCer here; need help determing cause of red legs on roo and hen

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    Nov 5, 2013
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    Hi there,

    We just started keeping chickens in June, and in the last couple of weeks it has started getting colder where we live out in the midwest. We have one roo and one hen who have developed reddish legs, though the redness appears different on each of them. I've looked online and see all sorts of possibilities for the cause, but I was hoping someone more experienced out here in BYC might take a look and tell me what you think? Mites? Hormones? the cold weather?

    We have six all together, they have a large coop (like 30x15 feet), deep pineshaving litter that gets raked every day. They do, however free range during the day and the ground has been cold and wet for a while. However, it's only two of the 6 who have these red feet. At any rate, here are the pictures.

    1. cuckoo maran hen

    2. brahma roo

    I would appreciate whatever advice you could give!

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    Sep 3, 2013
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    I dont think its anything to worry about. (But then again im not a pro) My roo has the same coloring and he is a jap bantam. I think it is just the certain coloring of the leg skin. I think it just may be a yello legged roo thing if you know what i mean... Haha [​IMG]
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    I have found on my non-feathered chickens it is just hormones, but I think your feather-legged roo could have mites or something else because it is only in his feathers. Check to see if your hen has any raised scales that might be mites. Castor oil or vaseline to the legs is good for leg mites.
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