New Canuck Clucker


Apr 24, 2015

@Missjlee4377 - We're so happy to have you here as a new chicken keeper! :welcome

I know you don't have any right now, but it's sure nice to see someone so willing to do their homework first. You couldn't have picked a better community to join, full of experience and friendly faces. You'll find articles and old forum posts chalk full of information about predator prevention, feeding, health, egg-laying, breed info, and general care. If you have a question, just make a post in the appropriate section of the forums and folks will be happy to help. I've saved many-a hen because of these good folks. And hey, we can't wait to see what chickens you bring home and hear about your experiences with them!


In the Brooder
Feb 26, 2020
Greetings fellow Canuck!

How are you doing on the coop setup so far?

I hope that you have as much luck finding answers to any of the millions of questions you'll have as I have.
Hi! Thanks, good so far I think! Kinda thankful to have the structure already in place so it's a matter of renovating! And it gets my dad into his carpentry and out of the house, everyone's suffering from winter boredom this year!
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