New Chain link totally enclosed run!

Mrs. K

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Nov 12, 2009
western South Dakota
I have been in chickens for a long time. However, when we built my new coop, we kind of made a hodge -podge of fencing stuff for the run, and we could never get it coon tight. After the last group, chewed through the automatic door and decimated the flock, I was ready to quit, but my DH, said, let's tear it down and start over. My DSI found used chain link fence, but I am not asking how much it cost, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Today we finished. Lined in chicken wire, with an apron, totally enclosed chainlink fence fasted with hog rings. New chickens come tomorrow. Please God let this work.

Mrs K
Raccoons do climb fence so if top of run isn't secure, coop needs to be.
Coon climbing left corner of fence.
STC_0001 (5).JPG
STC_0004 (3).JPG

Two Raccoons trying to get inside coop, one on roof another trying to get in from bottom.
STC_0068 (1).JPG
They didn't get chicken dinner. My new pens are chain link covered with deer netting, a raccoon climbed fence and squeezed through netting and climbed onto coop, but didn't gain access. I did catch the culprit. All Raccoons caught on camera were during darkness. A secure coop is the only way for me.
I lost 2 hens and a 11 month old pullet over a 13 month period while free ranging an hour before sunset. One to a Fox, one to Bobcat, and the third to a Coopers Hawk.
I wish you the best. GC
So today, I did a broom out, put my clutter back in and added 4 layers from a neighbor, and 1 two month old chick.

Neutral territory must be very important, as the chick is much smaller, and the other 4 were together before, but there is absolutely no aggressive behavior as they explore the run.

I don't think any one has peeked into the coop, so I will go down near dark, to encourage them.

I am so happy, I just love having chickens. And my niece has a broody hen, and is hatching eggs for me! Hurray!

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