new chick alive didn't come out of shell HELP


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We just had our first batch of baby chicks hatch from a hen at our home. 8 hatched good. We thought since mom left the un hatched eggs that meant she was done so we took them out and were going to trash them when one was chirping. so we thought we should take it out of the shell. We peeled the shell some and it was moving so we left the white stuff and when i came home it had broke it but was cold and alive. My friend took it out all the way and kept it warm. i have it under a light now. What should I do now, and what should I do with the other eggs?
I would stick it under the hen at night. Chances are she wont think twice about waking in the morning and have a extra chick under her (she can't count anyway). I have an egg in the bator right now that my broody left in the same situation. As soon as it is hatched (I hope tonight) I plan to put it under her.
As far as the other eggs go I am not sure. You could try putting in a bator if you have one. Or under a heat lamp with a damp wash cloth or sponge and see what happens.
Good luck!
I've been told once the baby has a human scent the mom won't touch them again though. I'll try that with the other eggs if not too late. Thank you. I tried to stick another chicken in to take the mom's place and it knocked it in the water so i don't know if that was a great idea. Woke it up a little more though.
I think as long as you stick it under her at night by the time she wakes up it should smell like her and not you. My broody is very sweet and does not mind me holding her chicks.
I am thinking that the human sent thing is more for wild birds/animals than domesticated ones.
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It's very important that you put it under her before she comes off the nest with the other chicks. Most of the time after that they wont accept it and may possibly kill it. Do it at night, tonight if possible.
I have it under a heat lamp now. I'm afraid to put it under her plus I'm too short to reach to put it under her too. I brought the other eggs inthe house and put a wet paper towel under them and set them under the heat lamp too and put a lid over a corner of the box. I put sugar water in there and some chick crumble. I'll keep ya informed. Thank you.

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