new chick can't walk and seems to keep head bent and legs straight


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
We hatched two eggs for a school project. Both eggs came from local farmer. One hatched out fine and is happy and healthy. The other hatched 24 hours later and was slower at getting the job done. He flopped around on its back and never tried to flip over and walk. After 12 hours, I moved it to a separate brooder and kept him warn and dry. He is fiesty but I am having to hand feed it and give it water with a dropper. When I try to put him on his legs, he straightens then his head is tilted and he squacks alot. When I lay him down, he flops to his side or back and stays there. He is now 3 days old and it not getting better. I am trying to not give up since he isn't. I have started the Poly Vit asol vitamins yesterday. Advice is welcome. I am attaching pics to help and a short video.


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